Our Services

We are locals helping out locals. We guarantee excellent workmanship while also providing legendary customer service. We also praise ourselves for having the cleanest workshop, and the best coffee in the greater Newcastle Region.

Logbook servicing

We do scheduled or logbook services ensuring your vehicle stays roadworthy

Logbook servicing

Brakes and Clutch

Our qualified mechanics can repair or replace your car’s brakes and clutch systems with ease

Brakes and clutch

Suspension Reparis

Our vehicle workshop is kitted out to provide you with industry leading suspension repair in Newcastle

Suspension repairs

Rego Inspection

If you’d like more information on your car’s history, we can run a car history check.

Rego inspection

Battery replacement

Need a new battery? We do a charging system test as well as a battery drain test.

Battery replacement

Exhaust System

Your exhaust system should be checked on a yearly basis for wear and tear. We can help

Exhaust System

Puncture free Tyres

With ASV P-free™ there is no need to replace the tyre after a puncture. ASV P-free™ is an Australian brand

Puncture free tyres

Fuel and EFi system

We can diagnose, maintain and repair your fuel injection pump system.

Fuel and EFI system

We supply ASV P-Free tyres

With ASV P-free™ there is no need to replace the tyre after a puncture. ASV P-free™ tyres not only seal the puncture permanently, they also repair the entry wound.

In the instance of a puncture by a nail or sharp foreign object, the gel application will immediately self-seal around the object that penetrates the tyre, even if the object becomes dislodged. After a puncture, the tyre remains inflated without dropping in pressure, meaning there is no impact to driving or drivers safety. For the lifetime of the tyre.